Natasa's Story


As Senior Manager, Technical Operations on Boeing’s Toolbox Horizon program, I manage data processing production and lead development teams in Boeing’s Vancouver and Seattle offices. But my path to this role began in 2005 when I joined the Boeing Vancouver team as a QA Tester. This was the first step I had taken on my career path since moving to Canada and spending a few years working various part-time jobs while my family and I settled into our new home, and I was eager to get back on track with my career in development and technology.

As an Electrical Engineer by training with experience working in IT and software development, I was able to quickly progress as a Tester and moved into a Test Manager role after only 3 years with Boeing Vancouver. Technical work was something I was familiar and comfortable with - not to mention something I really enjoyed - but as I progressed, I learned that working with people is something I really enjoy too. When I decided it was time for a career change, Boeing Vancouver was more than ready to help me do it.

I believe that one can never have enough education when planning a new career move. That’s why, with the guidance of my managers, I utilized Boeing Vancouver’s Professional Development program to start training as a Project Manager. The program provided me the time and resources to learn non-stop as I made the leap from technical work to management – from taking online courses to completing certifications in advanced Project Management and Scaled Agile Consulting, I was able to pursue anything that I felt would prepare me for my next career steps.

Since I started my career in a technical field before moving to my current role, I’m in a unique position to guide my development staff while they navigate their own careers in technology or help them make the same jump into management as I did. But there is only so much we all can learn while on-the-job. With the support of programs like the Professional Development Program at Boeing Vancouver, the education and resources I need to advance in my career are always at my fingertips.